mission statement

Greenstone Public Library offers a welcoming and supportive environment, where we are committed to ensuring individuals of all ages are provided with impartial and inclusive access to a wide range of information resources, programs, equipment, and services in order to encourage literacy and lifelong learning and to support educational, cultural, and recreational activities and the diverse needs within Greenstone.

Values statement

Leadership & Innovation

We provide excellence in library services through open communication, teamwork and cooperation, respect and recognition, education and learning, and by incorporating innovative solutions in a quality library environment.


We value the ethical, fiscally responsible, sustainable use of public resources. All staff exercise prudence when using and/or allocating any library funds or resources. We work with other community partners when possible to best utilize all resources.

Information & Literacy

We believe in the importance of informed and literate communities, and we provide services and programs to support lifelong learning.


We strive to provide a dynamic collection of materials that is regularly evaluated and available in a variety of formats to serve the needs and support the interests of all members of our community.

Work Environment

We provide a positive work environment that respects each staff member’s unique contributions. Our talented, well trained, knowledgeable staff are a vital part of the cultural, social, business/entrepreneurial and educational life of the community. We offer opportunities for professional growth.

materials available

79,000 Books

69,500 eBooks

3,900 eMagazines 

17,100 eAudio Books

3,300 DVDs 

2022 circulation statistics

15,768 Books

2,287 eBook Downloads

762 eAudio Book Downloads

Inter-Library Loans
92 Books Borrowed
389 Books Lent

115 Programs Held

1769 Participated

1 in 3 Greenstone Residents are active library cardholders

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