Our Mission

To provide collections of print, audio and video materials, information services, programs and activities that contribute to the personal growth and quality of life of residents of Greenstone. 

Our vision is of a Greenstone Public Library…

  • which serves all areas of the municipality of Greenstone through an organization which is strong and unified, staffed by sufficient, enthusiastic and well-trained staff, and governed by an effective board
  • where a library user in any part of Greenstone can, from his or her home, school, workplace or library branch, access the resources of the entire Greenstone Public Library system branch libraries housed in welcoming and fully-accessible facilities, bustling with activity where children develop a love of reading
  • where knowledgeable and skilled library staff members assist community residents searching the library’s rich array of resources for accurate and timely information
  • where people of all ages attend year-round programs that will assist them in personal decision-making where students develop skills to prepare themselves to compete with students from other communities when they go away to college or university that is a vital agent in the development of literate and well-informed citizens, prepared to contribute to the positive growth and well being of the community that enjoys a strong, positive relationship with its municipal staff and council, and has forged productive partnerships with many local and regional organizations in order to achieve the highest possible level of service to the residents of Greenstone

What is your Library Service Worth?

Curious about the value of the library?

Find out what it would cost if you had to purchase the services that the Greenstone Public Library offers for free using this handy calculator!


(Used courtesy of the Swiss Army Librarian.  All prices are in US dollars based on current US websites).

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